Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Incompatible with Scripture?

I woke up this morning thinking, what would the difference be if we granted the divided vote in Lambeth on 1.10 to stand? What does it really say? “Homosexual behavior is incompatible with Scripture?” Then I thought:

- Remarriage after divorce is incompatible with Scripture.
- Injustice in any form is incompatible with Scripture.
- Turning one's back on people blessed with holiness is incompatible with Scripture.
- The taking of human life is incompatible with Scripture.
- Even the touching of pigskin is incompatible with Scripture (there goes Rugby and football throughout the Anglican Communion).
- The treatment of women as less than fully human, while not incompatible with some of Scripture is clearly incompatible with the teaching and actions of Jesus Christ.

So, the questions spill out:

Why, with so many things being honored and practiced throughout the Anglican Communion that are incompatible with Scripture, is there so much energy behind the blessing of a faithful, loving relationship between two members of the same gender who wish to respond to what they know of God in their lives together?

Why so much fear and anger about a diocese electing a priest they have known for years – and known for his godly leadership and live – and then consenting to the discernment of that diocese?

If you want to be a Scriptural absolutist, be a Scriptural absolutist; but do not pick and choose to support your own personal predelictions. That is, by and large, incompatible with Scripture.

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