Saturday, January 27, 2007

Convocational Convenience

Not wanting to criticize an organization about which I had only bad feelings, on a friend’s advice I searched out the web site for the Convocation of Anglican Churches in North America (CANA) at  and read through the Frequently Asked Questions. It is a remarkable document.

What I found interesting is the clever (read “disingenuous”) way CANA's official stances waffle on several Biblical and doctrinal issues while the origin of this secessionist group is its absolutist belief that there is only respectable understanding of Biblical authority and interpretation. They indicate that on several crucial moral and doctrinal issues there is only one way to understand Biblical authority and interpretation (thus their charge that The Episcopal Church, by abandoning the Bible, is apostate and deep in heresy), but on matters which might affect their ability to lure additional Episcopalians into their convocation, they indicate that you could look at Biblical evidence this way or you could look at it that way – it all depends. However, they indicate, when they eventually achieve a larger base of the disaffected they will clarify which stance will govern the faithful. There is a word for this. Unfortunately the word will not pass the Blog moral police.

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