Saturday, January 27, 2007

First You Steal, Then You Ask for a Loan

Martyn Minns, the new missionary bishop to North America from Virginia/Nigeria, has charged Peter Lee, Bishop of Virginia with neglect for not being adequately pro-active in responding to the pastoral and personal needs of the clergy Minns has helped leave The Episcopal Church.

How can a reasonably reason person respond?  On the one hand, Martyn Minns is centrally involved in a movement which charges TEC with apostacy, teaching heresy, highjacking the Christian faith and other such demonic actions. On the other hand he expects TEC to respond to him and his charges with the faith which he says we have adulterated and distorted.
On the one hand, MM is countenancing the alienation of property from TEC while asking for forebearance in financial matters. Isn't that a little like committing identity theft on a friend and then telling the world he is a cheapskate because he won't give you a loan?

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