Friday, July 27, 2012

Bobbie's Aria from the opera "And the Winner Is. ."

What follows is the libretto for Bobbie Wentworth's aria from the opera "And the Winner Is," composed by Daniel Steven Crafts with libretto by Thomas B. Woodward. We hope to have the video of this aria as well as Tony's aria and the closing duet by Bobbie and Tony posted in the near future. If you want more information about the opera, contact Tom Woodward, 13 Calle Loma, Santa Fe, NM 87507; 505-474-4229 or 505-231-9829 cell.

During their wait offstage for Bobbie Wentworth’s appearance before the cameras, Tony and Bobbie have been involved in serious flirting with one another; but when, on camera, Tony asks Bobbie when she first became interested in the Ms. American Pageant, Bobbie responds, “It was about five months after my sex change operation.” Chaos ensues. When things die down a bit Bobbie reveals that her real talent is not baton twirling, but hiding her disability:

Tony, I was thinking.
Twirling a baton, playing a piano, singing "It's a Wonderful World,"
or even overflowing, amply overflowing a one piece bathing suit.
None of that really has anything to do with becoming something like,
something like an adequate example
(to audience)for girls like you.

So I thought to myself:
“Self, how would it be if this year's Ms. American
were the exact same person,
no kidding, the exact same person
as Ms. Disability of the U.S. of A?”

Think of it, Tony. Wouldn't that be
a real inspiration to the American people
who need inspiration
from the likes of you and me?

Oh, Tony, the indignity, the utter indignity of it all.
Ms. Alaska, North Dakota and Utah and Maine,
they and the others are all feeling the same.
What I just heard from backstage
is a slowly developing rage
and it's erupting, corrupting the stage.

Look, I dare you to look at Ms. Alaska.
She's as pissed off as pissed off can be.
She has just come to realize
that to compete for the pageant's prize,
she had to have a boob job
and newly capped teeth and then,
the anorexic dieting for months upon end!

Oh,Tony, Alaska came to me, nearly in tears
while dressed in that gown from her neighborhood Sears.
She said, "If I" - that's her speaking, and really not me -
"If I were to win this thing,
the plain girls from everywhere
are soon going to think that they must have boob jobs
and teeth capped as well
and fake being brain dead
to be a real woman and not suffer Hell.”

So, calm yourself, Tony, forget about your pay.
Come stand here beside me.
This may be a new day.
Your sponsors have vanished and your producer's away.
It's time for the future to finally hold sway.
Oh Tony, this could be a real inspiration.

Oh, Tony, my leg hurts so much when I try
when I try, when I try to stand up
and look presentable, surrounded by glitter and such.
But my heart sings . . sings so gladly
when I think of my family,
my mother, my sister, my homophobic aunt.
May we, maybe together . . .
Oh, give me your arm.

Sing, sing, sing for our country an inspiring new song.
May you in the audience and you in your home
stand up as you can in your dress, jeans, or sarong!
Sing, sing, sing with our voices an inspiring new song.
May you in the audience and you in your home
stand up as you can in your dress, jeans, or your thong.
Dare to sing, sing, sing a new song!

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